Pozdrav a postrehy od Borbaly Lantos


Hello I am Borbala Lantos from Hungary, In the two-round Hungarian sky championship I have finished in my category in the 2nd place and in the absolute I have finished in the 5th place.

As it is much harder to prepare for this kind of competitions in Hungary, so this year in my training schedule I put the emphasis on the trainings and competitions in Slovakia and Poland, because I think I can really improve in these places regarding the future. Some of my results from this year’s season: Zelena pleso category 4th place, Kralova Hola absolute 3rd place, Bear foot Polana abs.7th place, Horsky kros abs. 4th place.

My favorite are vertical races, the bigger the elevation the more I enjoy it. I also prepared for this race separately, I had run there 2 times before the contest. My plan was to start quickly, gain an advantage, and keep it to the end. In reality, Vanda was in front of me and Katrina was in my footsteps. I was in the 2nd place on the summit, but I saw Vanda’s back all the way, and down the cliff I managed to overtake her on the rocks and keep my advantage for the last 7 kms. It was a huge battle and it was very hard.

The competition and the venue for me is nr.1, simply the best. Externals are not important at all, there are no finish medals, there is just you and your companions, surrounded by nature and mountains. This is the real bare skyrunning! And for me this is what skyrunning means! This race is skyrunning in itself!

Thanks for being here!